Upwards and downwards isn’t the same skill at all!

Climbing upwards never was a problem for my tiger. Usually I helped her by getting down. This time I wanted to know how she would manage it for herself. Very, very exciting! What do you think has she done?

snorri2 (Groß) snorri5 (Groß)Right! She decided instead of climbing down for a more dared plan: Freejump on my desk, directly on my scanner, which shattered completely.

So, should I be happy to got back my little tiger undamaged and healthy or should I be cheesed with her because my scanner had been a scanner for the longest time…?


Great day!

35km cycling, 140 Push ups, much suneshine and fun. Great day!

Yesterday was a day WORK OFF. No PC, just left my overcrwowded desk at home and got off for sunshine, cycling and relaxing under „fresh“ air. Marvellous!

20150829_133422 (Groß) 20150829_152228 (Groß) 20150829_133431 (Groß)